Evergreen Best Hair Straightener Usage Guide

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best hair straightener

Do you love having straight, soft and healthy hair? Here are great news for you! Using hair straightener both at home and visiting a salon is quite simple and improve your beauty. There are three major ways of straightening hair these includes: Hair dryer, keeping hair straight and straightening flat iron. For this case straight iron is the best, it is the simplest and easy hair straightener for usage .Before you choose the hair straightener you should ensure you know all the factors of products including benefits, pros and cons, side effects, how to use and its benefits. Before you start straightening your hair ensure you prepare the hair thoroughly .Wash them to be in a good condition so as in order for it to respond the hair straightener well.

Choose the best hair straightener , as I had mentioned earlier the best, less expensive and safe hair straightener is flat iron. During your shopping opt for hair straightener that is accompanied with ceramic coating, this help your hair to shine extra and grow health it is very gentle product. Furthermore choose the right size, for the flat iron the ideal range is between 1 and 1.5. Irons with at least two plates are the best type of hair straighteners. Here are hair straightener usage guide.

Wash off and blow-dry

Hair straightener works well with washed and dried well hair. For thick, frizzy hair use shampoo and conditioning product. In a situation the hair is thin consider using volumizing products .After washing your hair dry it will a towel and blow dry immediately, while drying, dry the roots to the tips using hair dryer. To add more volume turn your head downward, and use oar brush to work through tangles and ensure you hold hair taut as you dry.

Apply heat protection

Invest on the best and quality heat spray, never compromise and go for cheaper products .Hair protection spray prevent your hair from dryness and frazzled. Do not apply onto the hair roots since it can make hair greasy. Try to seek advices from hair stylist for a brand new product and invest on it. Heat protection spray is preordained when you look for hassle free hair straightener.

Divide your hair

Divide your hair into strands, layers and sections this will enable you to reach and concentrate on each and every part hair equally. Divide your hair into three sections, separated by twisting and securing. This process will enable proper straightening.

Set the flat iron into the correct temperature

Best quality hair straighteners provide you with correct temperature depending on the length of your hair and type of your hair. This will enable you to get best results and prevent hair damage

Use correct technique

Using irons is very easy, leave an inch from the roots and start straightening each layer at a time .Repeat the process for every strands and layer.

Stop the process if your discover steam

Turn off the straightener if you discover any sizzle, examine yourself on the mirror and style your hair.


Straightening irons create different looks, fun and easy. It is safe and smoothen the hair


The hair will look temporary, hair will get dry with repeated use .It will look dull and unhealthy and it is very expensive. Straightening is time consuming.


You can successfully straighten your hair depending on the length and hair thickness. Choose the best straightening product and you will get the best results.



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