How to Use a Pressure Cooker?

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A pressure cooker helps you retain vitamins and minerals that sometimes get lost while you are preparing meals. Heat produces steam in an enclosed container that increases the boiling point which helps you prepare your meals quickly. If it is your first time to use a pressure cooker, you need to learn some basic steps that will enable you use it safely. Use best electric pressure cooker for great taste and result.

Pressure Cookers have almost the same basic operational guidelines. Despite that, it is important to understand the type of your cooker in order to operate it safely and efficiently. They are classified in two types; the old style pressure cooker with a jingle top and the new style enclosed valve cooker that uses spring valves.

Look out for any dents or food remains on the pressure cooker before using it

A dented pressure cooker can be dangerous since it can eject some hot steam to you which can cause a severe burn. The cooker should always be kept clean; you should always ensure that there are no food remains in the cooker and the lid before you use it. With a jingle top cooker, the vent pipe should always be clear and accessible. On the other hand if you are using the valve pressure cooker, the valve should be movable without any obstruction and the inside joining screw should be firm.

Refill the pressure cooker

In order to cook food in a pressure cooker, there must be some amount of liquid which is water in most cases. For the old style pressure cooker the minimum amount of water should be a cup while for the new valve style it will require a cup. The cooker should not be filled more than half while cooking foods that may froth like dried beans or liquids like broth. Various recipes require the use of a rack that pushes the food up above the water for steaming.

Remove the weighted pressure regulator or the safety valve and close the lid tightly.

Avoid using high intensity of heat on the cooker or extra-large cooktops as found on some stoves. Place it on the right size burner on your stove and it will begin converting the water into steam right away.

Observe to note increase in pressure of the cooker

The cooker begins to simmer food when it reaches the appropriate safety point. In the old style cooker this is indicated by jiggling of the weighted pressure regulator and the vent producing heat. Once you notice steam getting out of the nozzle, place the safety valve on top of it. The new valve cooker has marks on it that get visible as the pressure goes up. These marks help you to indicate the pressure inside the cooker.

Following the above given guidelines will help you prepare your meal quickly and efficiently. For proper safety measures you should read the manufacturer’s user manual very carefully since different models and brands offer various instructions of use. Read best electric pressure cooker reviews, if you wish to buy one soon.

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